Camden Deli: Simply Amazing Sandwiches & More

Nestled along the main street in the picturesque New England village of Camden, Maine, about 80 miles northeast of Portland, lies Camden Deli. It's a trusted staple where locals and visitors alike go for good eats, and have been since 1985. No, it's not the oldest spot in this history-rich township, but it is the place where you'll find gourmet sandwiches and waterfront dining, a beautiful combination any time.

Camden Deli mirrors that of it's picturesque surroundings and their menu is much the same, featuring classic deli favorites and signature sandwiches of their very own, along with vegetarian selections. Immediately after being welcomed in by the owner, working behind the counter, I suddenly went into the hypnotic daze that comes from being overwhelmed by a menu that features so many choices that all sound downright amazing (you know the feeling). After the internal struggle subsided, I decided on one of their signature sandwiches, The Pressed Cubano which included sliced turkey, baked ham, imported Swiss cheese, bacon, pickles and mustard grilled on a freshly baked baguette.

Needless to say, the sandwich was simply amazing. After biting through the flaky and crunchy crust of the baguette, you suddenly taste Camden Deli's unique take on the Cuban sandwich, and it doesn't disappoint. The bacon and Swiss cheese were the perfect addition to the sliced Boar's Head turkey and baked ham, but just like any other great traditional Cuban sandwich it all starts with great bread. This was just an all-around delicious sandwich and one you should definitely consider when stopping into Camden Deli.

If you can't tell already, this New England deli impressed me and there are many reasons as to why. First and foremost, the food was fantastic, but in addition, they also provided a wonderfully well-round dining experience - yes, we're talking about a deli here. Camden Deli's service was welcoming, courteous and prompt, their menu was sundry and creative, and they take advantage of their prime location by providing guests with beautiful views overlooking both Harbor Falls and Camden Harbor, along with a rooftop deck. So the next time you're in Vacationland, take a walk down Camden's main street and be sure to stop into Camden Deli. Like me, you'll be glad you did!

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