Eggs in the City: A Utah Beaut!

It's been a little over a week since I returned from my trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, and it's not the unbelievably beautiful snow-capped mountains I can't stop thinking about, it's the breakfast. Yes, the breakfast I had at Eggs in the City. Thanks to Becky Rosenthal and her blog post on SLC Foodie, I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast and some of the best corned beef hash I've ever had. Eggs in the City, nestled in Salt Lake City's trendy Sugar House neighborhood, was incredibly inviting and buoyant, offering a unique interior and engaging service that was evident as soon as I stepped inside. Before I even glanced at the menu, the fantastic aroma coming from their open kitchen and the fresh produce I noticed resting on the counter was evidence this was going to be a great start to my day.

A breakfast favorite of mine is homemade corned beef hash and when I saw it on the menu I couldn't resist ordering it. I was slightly reluctant in doing so, after reading about how good their French Toast and Huevos Rancheros was, but immediately after it was placed in front of me I was happy I did. At first glance, the obvious difference between how Eggs in the City prepares the dish, versus other shredded or finely chopped mush versions I've had in the past, was the mound of large corned beef chunks bullying the potatoes on the plate. The second was the taste; simply some of the best corned beef hash I've ever had given it's tenderness and slightly smoked flavor. Perfectly paired with fresh local over easy eggs, thick crispy bacon, and fresh black coffee made for a breakfast I won't forget about any time soon.

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