Sweet Potatoes: Creatively Delicious

With this week being all about friends and family gathering to give thanks and enjoy some Thanksgiving favorites, some of which include turkey and sweet potatoes, I thought it was only fitting to share a great experience I had recently during my first-ever visit to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Several weeks ago, we were up from Charlotte to attend a wedding and made it a point to visit Sweet Potatoes, a quaint restaurant located in the heart of the city's art district who's menu features some creative dishes rooted with traditional Southern staples. Arriving right when the doors opened allowed for our choice of seating, so we went with one of the only window seats in the restaurant, which gave us a birds eye view for people watching. Before sitting down, I immediately noticed there were some beautiful touches gracing Sweet Potatoes: original oak floors, picture rail molding, folk art, and a full bar boasting a 100.0 (A) food inspection rating (never hurts).

Deciding on what to order was difficult as their menu was chock-full of dishes that caught our eye, but I went with the Ragin' Cajun Turkey Burger with a side of sweet potato fries and my wife chose the Fried Green Tomato, Lettuce, & Bacon sandwich with coleslaw.

The Ragin' Cajun Turkey Burger consisted of a spicy turkey patty topped with smoked Provolone cheese, creole sauce and spicy collard greens on a wheat Kaiser roll. I can honestly go on record and say their turkey burger was the best I've ever had. The supporting cast of the tomato-based creole sauce, smokey Provolone, and spicy collard greens would prop up any regular turkey burger, but Sweet Potatoes' turkey burger could stand alone as it had wonderful flavor and was surprising juicy; most turkey burgers I find are everything but. The sweet potato fries were an excellent choice, too, as they paired well with the low-heat spicy sandwich.

The Fried Green Tomato, Lettuce, & Bacon with sweet potato aioli on toasted wheat berry bread and a side of freshly-made coleslaw delivered - full of crunch, fresh ingredients, and flavor. This sandwich was so much better than anything we could ever prepare at home. And, for $6.99 why would you bother? Both sandwiches were absolutely delicious, and I highly recommend them.

Last but not least was the notable service we received while visiting Sweet Potatoes. Granted, we were the first guests of the day, but it wouldn't have mattered, as you could tell our server, Carlos, and the kitchen staff are used to doing an excellent job, regardless of the time of day. Carlos was extremely patient, willing to offer suggestions, knowledgeable about their menu and was very helpful and polite to answer any question we threw his way. The service, hospitality, along with the great food prepared by the kitchen, made us extremely thankful we stopped in to experience what Winston-Salem's Sweet Potatoes was all about.

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