Brooklyn South Pizzeria: No Argument Here!

Pizza is extremely personal. When asked who has the best, passionate heated debates often arise. With the countless combinations of crust types, thicknesses, sauces and toppings, even down to how it should be eaten, the possibilities are endless; it's one of the many reasons why pizza is so great!

Lately, my personal favorite's been Brooklyn South Neighborhood Pizzeria's Nonna's style. Their menu describes the featured selection as a square thick crust pizza topped with mozzarella, crushed tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh garlic, and olive oil - just like grandmother use to make! It's unlike any type of pizza I've ever experienced, deliciously fresh and flavorful, with the crushed tomatoes resting on top of the cheese. I add pepperoni to it, but it really doesn't need it as the seasoned sauce, basil, garlic, and olive oil deliver an outstanding, homemade (but better) taste.

With six locations in and around the Charlotte metro area, the Cornelius location is the one I'm most familiar with. The restaurant is clean, spacious, offers outdoor seating, and is very popular family spot, especially on Friday. That's the only forewarning I can offer, don't go on a Friday night unless you want to eat with what feels like every family in the Lake Norman area and experience long lines and crowds.

Give Brooklyn South's Nonna's pizza  a go and let me know what you think. Who knows, it might just become your new personal favorite...

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